How We Serve Buyers

How We Serve Buyers

The services of real estate brokerages are similar when it comes to working with buyers. However, St Jude Realty receives high marks and recommendations from our past buyer clients because we take buyer real estate services to the next level. Take a tour through our buyer services checklist and you’ll see why we’re the best brokerage in the Metro Detroit real estate markets for buyers. Start anywhere in the links below that interests you and take this looped tour of our buyer services.

First, we listen

The more we know about what you want and what you need, the more we can help you! Then, we explain the Buying process & answer any questions.

Then we make sure you get Pre-approved, because it helps us to focus on the correct price range and place you in a stronger negotiating position. Not to mention it is usually required before any offer is accepted

Locating the Right Property for You 
After we know what you want, and the price range, we start searching. We search the REALCOMP MLS (Multiple Listing Services) database for both current on market listings, previously listed but unsold properties, and distressed homeowners with in your targeted area. We send automated daily email alerts of newly listed properties and/or properties whose price was changed within your TARGETED area.

Getting the Best Financing 

It’s difficult to qualify for the best mortgage financing and jump through lenders’ hoops, so we help you to find the best mortgage programs and explain the process. If needed, we also help find special down payment assistance or useful block grant programs.

Showing Properties

We arrange property showings for you on your schedule – whether it is evening or weekends. St Jude Realtors are patient and happy to show you as many homes as it takes.

Price Negotiations 
You will not be left to fend for yourself when you make that first offer to purchase. Not Before we’ve given you data and guidance to make sure that you’re on the right track to a good deal. We also negotiate seller paid concessions for your closing cost and possibly a home warranty.

Private Inspections and Repairs 
More negotiations usually crop up after you’ve agreed on a price, and they’re normally the result of inspections and necessary repairs. We are experienced and ready to help to make sure that you are fully protected.

Municipal Inspections 

We assist buyers in understanding that some cities/towns require Municipal Inspections before a property can close. Usually, the Seller will pay the require fee, schedule the date of the Inspection and get the list of needed repairs (however this is a negotiable item). In such cases, Buyers must agree to complete repairs in the time required.


One of the most important steps in the buyer’s mortgage process is the appraisal; which estimates the property value after inspecting the size (sqft), function, and quality of the home

The appraisal is important because: (1) most Loans are made based on the lower of Sale Price or Appraised Value; (2) If Appraisal is Less than Sale Price you maybe require to place a larger Down Payment; (3) Lender may also Deny the Loan if Appraisal is Less than Sale Price; or (4) The buyer may cancel the deal if the Seller is not willing to reduce the Sale Price to make the sale possible.Please note that most Lenders require Borrower’s to pay a NON-REFUNDABLE FEE (Varies by transaction and loan type) up front for the appraisal regardless of the outcome of the purchase transaction.

Title Insurance
Owning a home is great, but you want to protect that ownership as well. We’ll explain how title insurance works and help you to insure your ownership from certain title defects, liens, claims, restrictions, easements, etc., which may affect the property.

A title commitment will then be issued to show any matters reflected in the title exam, as well as a determination of the documents needed to properly transfer the title of the property to the buyer. The closing agent will also work closely with the lender and Realtors to coordinate the ordering of the termite inspection, survey, homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance, if applicable.

Pre Post-Closing

Confirm lender has reviewed with you your closing cost and the AMOUNT of certified funds to bring to closing. Our Purchase Agreements let Buyers Walk-Through the property 48 hours before closing to make sure the condition of the property has not change and to make sure any agreed upon items staying with the property are there.

St Jude Realty will schedule the Walk-Thru & attend with Buyer to verify that terms of the Agreement have been met. If Property is not as agreed, or items are missing, we will need to: (1) Put objections & proposals for resolution in writing for delivery to Seller/Seller’s Agent; (2) If issues aren’t resolved promptly, the Closing may have to be cancelled; and (3) Disputes resulting in Cancellation can have serious consequences and both parties should consult an attorney to protect their interests.


St Jude Realty will assist and coordinate with all parties in scheduling Closing Date, Time & Place.

Usually at Closing:  (1) All parties will present picture ID to verify who’s signing documents; (2) The closer will go over the closing instructions and ”Closing Disclosure” (Closing statement ); (3) All parties will review and sign their closing documents (or “Settlement Documents”); (4) After all document have been executed properly the closer will send certain docs to the lender for funding approval; and (5) Once, the lender approves , the closer will disburse all the checks and buyer’s will get their keys.


We will assist you, if needed;Arrange for Utility Transfers, Lock Changes, Water Turn-ons, Address Change forms from US postal Service, School Registrations or any other changes you might need.

Possession after Close

Sometimes the buyer will take possession 30, 45 or 60 days after closing. In such cases, your St Jude Realtor will: (1) review & sign an Occupancy Agreement at Closing; (2) try to establish a definite Date, in writing, when Seller will give Possession; (3) Make sure the title company is escrowing the proper amount for daily Occupancy Charge (usually PITI divided by the number of days within a month); (4) negotiate a Security Deposit Escrow of at least $1,500 for any potential needed repairs; (5) Be sure there’s a written procedure for Key Turn-Over from Seller to Buyer; (6) Stay in regular contact with Seller’s Agent to be sure there are no delays or surprises; (7) Arrange for Buyer to collect Occupancy Charges as promptly as possible; and (8) Arrange for Final Walk-Thru.


Disclaimer:   The steps listed here are intended only as a guide.  The actual services provided will vary according to the Agency relationship and any Agreements between the parties